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Some Quick Notes on the 2014 Election

WeakGOPby N. A. Halkides   10/31/14
After six long, miserable years of misrule by Barack Hussein Obama and a Democratic-held Senate, this should by rights be a blowout election with massive Republican gains and a lot of shell-shocked Democrats making excuses on Wednesday morning. More » • (3265 views)

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The Great Pumpkin Debate

GreatPumpkinby Brad Nelson   10/31/14
Is Halloween a harmless candyfest or a way for Satanic forces to become culturally mainstreamed?  •  Every year Michael Medved and his wife, Diane, have a debate on the radio about the merits and demerits of Halloween. We can do no worse. More » • (2346 views)

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Separation of Church and State?

ReligiousFreedomby Leigh Bravo  10/31/14
Is there really a separation of church and state and has the current administration honored it? Have Democrats around the country been stepping on our rights to Religious freedom? More » • (1175 views)

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ObamaCare and the Language of Law

ObamaCareby Jon N. Hall    10/29/14
On Sept. 30, Judge Ronald A. White of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma delivered his decision in Pruitt v. Burwell, the third of four related cases to have received a judgment. More » • (1620 views)

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Two Trees of Eden

Serpentby Anniel  10/27/14
The Ten Commandments Symposium on the Sixth Commandment has led to a welter of thoughts and postings about the Garden of Eden, the fall of Adam and Eve, and the state of Cain as the murderer of his brother, Abel. More » • (4147 views)

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Sergeant York

SergeantYorkSuggested by David Ray • A hillbilly sharpshooter becomes one of the most celebrated American heroes of WWI when he single-handedly attacks and captures a German position using the same strategy as in a turkey shoot.
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Memphis Belle (1990)

MemphisBelleSuggested by David Ray • This adventure is based on actual events of the young crew of the Memphis Belle, one of America’s B-17 Flying Fortresses assigned to fly missions over Nazi occupied Europe. • See also the 1944 wartime documentary.
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Band of Brothers

BandOfBrothersSuggested by David Ray • The story of Easy Company of the US Army 101st Airborne division and their mission in WWII Europe from Operation Overlord through V-J Day. A fascinating tale of comradeship that is, in the end, a tale of ordinary men who did extraordinary things.
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The Incredible Machine

IncredibleMachineSuggested by Brad Nelson • More than four hundred full-color photographs journey inside the human body to explore the mysteries of human anatomy and physiology, from the development of a fetus to white cells devouring invading bacteria.
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The Left and the Distortion of History

KingAlfredby John L. Hancock   10/27/14
In the fall of 1991, the relatively small and quiet university of Alfred U in New York was engrossed in controversy.  Indignant professors led students in protests, heated debates raged throughout the divided campus, editorials filled the school and local papers. More » • (1605 views)

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Votes: Inherent Value or Political Means to an End?

Voteby Leigh Bravo  10/27/14
With midterm elections around the corner, we have to ask ourselves if our voting system should be about the inherent value of our votes, or simply about winning elections? More » • (939 views)

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Illogical Atheism

IllogicalAtheismSuggested by Brad Nelson • Since the inauguration of the ‘New Atheist Movement’ more than ten years ago, modern atheism has transitioned from the mere rejection of mainstream religion to the proliferation of a (not entirely new) breed of fundamentalism.
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