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Women Who Make the World Worse

WomenWorldWorseSuggested by David Ray • Kate O’Beirne takes on America’s leading feminists—including Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Smeal, Maureen Dowd, Kate Michelman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and even Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. She confronts them with hard evidence of how women like them have done more harm than good over the last four decades.
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AdamCreationby Jerry Richardson9/30/14
Will mankind ever be able to build a thinking-machine that is, in every way, the equal of a human-being? Google is working to develop a quantum computer-chip that has been said may one day allow thinking machines. More » • (9980 views)

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Bad Design is Still Design

BadDesignby Pete Chadwell  9/30/14
One very popular argument against Intelligent Design is the argument from suboptimal design. It seems that many are persuaded by this argument, but it really doesn’t take a whole lot of careful thought to see how ineffective such an argument is. More » • (3293 views)

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Resentment Knows No Social Bounds

EmmaWatsonby John Moloney   9/30/14
I’m a feminist! Emma Watson’s UN speech has opened my eyes. In the dark ages before I watched the Hollywood starlet’s very affecting attempt to win men over to the cause, I’d assumed that “feminism” was just about hustling for special treatment for women at the expense of men. More » • (1552 views)

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Poverty in the Black Community is the Result of Culture, Not Racism

Culture2by Patricia L. Dickson   9/30/14
I have often been accused by friends (black, white and all others in between) of being too logical, to the point that I am inhibited from seeing other people’s point of view ( I am not sure if that is a compliment or insult). More » • (1435 views)

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Equal Work? Government Has No Idea What That is

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke   9/30/14
“Equal pay for equal work!” the mantra goes. “Women get only 73 cents on a man’s dollar!” These are oft-heard slogans, and we may well hear them again during the fall campaign with the War on Women afoot. More » • (1054 views)

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Reading Lolita in Tehran

ReadingLolitaSuggested by Deana Chadwell • Every Thursday morning for two years in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a bold and inspired teacher secretly gathered seven of her most committed female students to read forbidden Western classics. The book is an exploration of resilience in the face of tyranny and a celebration of the liberating power of literature.
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Déjà vu of the Worst Kind

DejaVuby Deana Chadwell    9/29/14
Here we are back in Iraq, jets screaming and buildings exploding, fighting the same war we just “finished.” It’s déjà vu of the worst kind; we have been here before, and this recurrent nightmare begs some troubling questions: More » • (1491 views)

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Negotiating the Lion’s Den

LionsDenby Glenn Fairman  9/29/14
A few weeks ago, while filling in as a “guest teacher” at a local continuation school, I received that dreaded call that no educator ever wants to receive.  According to the union representative, I had been accused by a middle school student of racial discrimination More » • (2055 views)

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Rename the Mainstream Media

by Jerry Richardson   9/29/14

Can anyone out there help Joseph Farah of WND rename the “mainstream media”? More » • (1527 views)

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Seven Days That Divide the World

SevenDaysDivideSuggested by Glenn Fairman • What did the writer of Genesis mean by “the first day”? Is it a literal week or a series of time periods? If I believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, am I denying scripture? In response to the controversy, John Lennox proposes a method of reading and interpreting the first chapters of Genesis.
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Gunning for God: Why the New Atheists are Missing the Target

GunningForGodSuggested by Glenn Fairman • Tackling Hawking, Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, and a newcomer in the field—the French philosopher Michel Onfray—John Lennox points out some of the most glaring fallacies in the New Atheist approach in this insightful book.
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