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TV Review: Longmire

Longmireby Brad Nelson   6/30/14
I’ve been struggling over deciding whether to review this or not. One, this series is good, but not great. Two, is anybody out there? Can anybody hear through the din of democratic mediocrity? Is there anyone out there left who has a taste for less than the bombastic? More » • (2248 views)

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Free Speech and Propaganda

Propagandaby Anniel   6/30/14
Humans seem to be hard wired for speech. As we are spoken to we quickly pick up grammar, metaphor, imagination, and vocabulary. Speech, the method by which we open our hearts and minds to others, can be free and enlightening to all, or it can become a means of propaganda to mislead and enslave. More » • (1236 views)

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Restoring Constitutional Government

WeThePeopleThumbby Jon N. Hall    6/30/14
One of the big virtues of the American system is that it allows itself to be changed. But changing our system, i.e. amending the Constitution, requires a supermajority of three-quarters of the states. More » • (1101 views)

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Read a Damn Book

by Brad Nelson   6/29/14

I have no supernatural powers to compel you to read something. But if I did, I would twitch my nose like Elizabeth Montgomery (probably my first love, although I was too young to know it) and compel you to read this terrific article at The American Spectator by Dan Flynn: The Lazy Machines Kill Literacy. More » • (1210 views)

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Libertarians: the Chirping Sectaries by Russell Kirk

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu  6/29/14
While looking up a particular quote recently, I came upon the above article which Kirk wrote in 1981.  The timing of this piece is interesting as it came out after Ronald Reagan had been in office for less than one year. More » • (5400 views)

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Why the Arab World Is Lost in an Emotional Nakba, and How We Keep It There

AugeanStablesby Richard Landes   6/29/14
By ignoring the honor-shame dynamic in Arab political culture, is the West keeping itself from making headway toward peace?  •  Anthropologists and legal historians have long identified certain tribal cultures—warrior, nomadic—with a specific set of honor codes whose violation brings debilitating shame. More » • (10647 views)

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Politically-Correct Conjectures

SameSexThumbby Jerry Richardson   6/29/14
One of the major politically-correct (PC) conjectures peddled as absolute truth is that homosexuality is innate (analogous to gender or race). It is not true. More » • (1112 views)

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Book Review: Sunset of the Gods

SunsetOfGodsby Timothy Lane   6/29/14
Steve White argues that modern Western civilization (such as it is today) stems from the successful defense of Greece against Persia in 490 BC and the following decade (I would add Israel and Judah, with the confrontation between King David and the prophet Nathan being a key illustration of why). More » • (1030 views)

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We don’t need no stinkin’ marriage Part II

by Kung Fu Zu   6/28/14

In case anyone believes the lunacy spouted by Masha Gessen regarding the destruction of marriage is something new, I think the following two paragraphs, taken from Wikipedia, will be enlightening: More » • (1905 views)

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TV Series Review: Boss

BOSSby Brad Nelson   6/27/14
Coming out as “gay” is often trumpeted as being brave, when it is little more than playing the victim or sympathy card and waiting for the usual accolades. But Kelsey Grammer did something far more audacious and courageous: He came out as a Republican. More » • (1700 views)

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Are All Black Americans Aware that The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Exists?

CivilRightsby Patricia L. Dickson   6/27/14
When I learned of the deceitful campaign tactics used in securing Thad Cochran’s victory over Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel, I became enraged to the point of losing a good night’s sleep. More » • (1024 views)

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The Ten Commandments — #9

TenCommandmentsA StubbornThings Symposium   6/20/14
Introduction  •  It seems to me that there are two kinds of laws. There are laws geared toward the animal and there are laws geared toward the spirit. More » • (14233 views)

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