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The Importance of Being Earnest

Carneyby Glenn Fairman   5/30/14
How difficult it had to have been for Jay Carney.  Even if one is a True Believer of the Progressive faith, the constant drumbeat of incompetence and scandal had to have been wearing on him—like a bulletproof vest that has been used too many times. More » • (1554 views)

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Liar, Liar, the VA is on Fire!

BurningFlagby Leigh Bravo   5/30/14
Liar, Liar….pants on fire…but no, it is the VA that is on fire! Is there anyone in this Administration who is telling the truth? Let’s look at the current situation with the VA and what the current administration knew and when. More » • (1072 views)

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The “Tell”

TheTellby Anniel   5/29/14
In poker the really good players know how to keep a poker face, they never give their opponents a clue as to what cards they hold, whether they have a strong or weak hand. A really good player is one who can bluff everyone, but they are also the ones who recognize the “tell” More » • (1108 views)

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Movie Review: Mud (2012)

Mudby Brad Nelson   5/29/14
After watching Matthew in the mediocre and overwrought Dallas Buyers Club, I had to cleanse my palate from the aftertaste of that movie, especially the persona donned by McConaughey. This movie helped to do that. More » • (1153 views)

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Syllabus — Advanced Racism 401

Syllabusby Deana Chadwell    5/29/14
Welcome to the class. You are to be commended for signing up for such a rigorous course of study, so rigorous in fact that only the intellectual elite, i.e. those who are forward thinking and left of center will be able to handle the content. More » • (1500 views)

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Black Americans and the Obama Dilemma

Obamaby Patricia L. Dickson   5/28/14
When Black Americans decided that they would throw their full support behind Barack Obama in both of his presidential runs, they set in motion a rolling stone that cannot be stopped. It is foolish and dangerous to give your unyielding support to anyone, let alone someone you know very little about. More » • (1474 views)

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The Road to Taxpayer Rights

Taxesby Jon N. Hall    5/28/14
The first federal individual income tax in America debuted during the Civil War with the Revenue Act of 1861. That act provided for a single tax rate of 3 percent levied on incomes above $800. More » • (1391 views)

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The World Wars

HistoryChannelby Steve Lancaster    5/28/14
The History Channel is currently running a three day mini-series on WWI, the interwar years, and WWII focusing on leaders who served in WWI and came to power just before or during WWII. More » • (1506 views)

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Cupidity or Covetousness?

by Glenn Fairman  5/27/14

As with all Post-Moderns, Truth is an instrumentality towards what Mr. Obama perceives as a “Higher” goal and the presumptive fig leaf of egalitarianism is as good a diversion as any to mask his accretion of power to the State. More » • (1688 views)

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The Problem with Rick Santorum

Santorumby N. A. Halkides   5/27/14
Although it’s too early yet for the paperwork to be filed for the 2016 Presidential election, it’s obvious that Rick Santorum is planning another run — he has formed a committee and he has a website on which you can donate money to his future campaign. More » • (2686 views)

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Correctly Interpreting the Handwriting On the Wall

ShaltNotby Anniel   5/26/14
People who never read the Bible miss a rich cultural heritage passed on and preserved for millennia. One does not even need to be a “believer” to learn wisdom from study of the Bible. But today the Bible’s contents are such a source of distress to the tender sensibilities of people who hate to be told “THOU SHALT NOT” More » • (2405 views)

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Memorial Day: A Personal Reflection

memorial-day-images-2014-7by Timothy Lane   5/26/14
Sweeden Missionary Baptist Church in Sweeden, Kentucky (that’s not a misspelling; the unincorporated town my family comes from takes its name from Sweden, but for some reason has an extra “e”) has a picnic on the Sunday of the fourth weekend in May, so Elizabeth and I have taken to going there More » • (925 views)

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