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Bridging the Gap

DontTreadThumbby Steve Lancaster   4/30/14
A follow up to the continuing dialog  •  Conservatives and Libertarians are two sides of the same 24 karat coin. That coin, fired to purity over thousands of years, is called freedom. For the first 150 years in North America freedoms philosophy concentrated on experimenting with liberty and the colonies were the laboratory. More » • (3162 views)

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American Marketing; Pervasive Rot Extends to All Areas

by Kung Fu Zu   4/30/14

Many of the pieces published on this blog concern the corruption and dishonesty, which has invaded our political system. While this cannot be denied by any objective observer, I am just as concerned with the dishonesty which has spread throughout our business culture. In particular, I am fed up with the dishonest use and perversion of language we so commonly encounter today. More » • (2959 views)

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Casting the First Stone in a Neighborhood of Glass Houses

GlassHousesby Leigh Bravo   4/30/14
The news has been overwhelming in reporting on Donald Sterling and his lifetime banishment from the National Basketball Association.  I must say, that I did not know Sterling or anything about him. More » • (2328 views)

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Public Assistance and the American Dream

PublicAssistanceby Timothy Lane   4/29/14
John Stossel has an article available on TownHall discussing the difficulty of achieving the American dream in an increasingly hyper-regulated business environment, particularly given the distraction available of simply going on the dole. More » • (887 views)

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The Will to Annihilation

Annihilationby Glenn Fairman   4/29/14
What are we, as intelligent sentient beings, to say about the incineration of over fifteen thousand aborted children for the production of electrical power in a U.K. hospital? More » • (2092 views)

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The Court of the Crimson King

by Ian McDonald and Peter Sinfield   1969

The rusted chains of prison moons
Are shattered by the sun.
I walk a road, horizons change,
The tournaments begun. More » • (772 views)

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The New York Times Discovers the Rule of Law

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke   4/29/14
Leave it to The Gay Lady to be a day late and a few brain cells short. The New York Times recently published an article by some journalism-school retread about the Cliven Bundy situation, a piece containing all the usual talking points about how the “racist” rancher’s reasoning is really risible. More » • (942 views)

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Book Review: The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead

CurmudgeonGuideby Anniel   4/29/14
By Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve  •  As soon as I saw the title of this book I knew I had to read it, so I sent for a Kindle sample. Just a note here about being able to get samples. It’s one of the best deals going. More » • (2765 views)

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Ongoing Dialogue

DontTreadThumbby Steve Lancaster   4/28/14
On one issue libertarians and conservatives can agree with little rancor is that freedom is our birthright, and the basic rights are inalienable. An ordinary person making an honest income, living his life without interfering in the business of others is also an ideal that both would agree is not utopian. More » • (2083 views)

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Rightwing Rules of Engagement

ReaganThumbby Deana Chadwell    4/26/14
It’s true that, at this point in American history, our future looks bleak; the media is backing an unconstitutional president, the moral fiber of the nation has gone slack, and the economy does not look hopeful. Yet, the tide just might be turning. More » • (1872 views)

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The Care and Feeding of Genius

Einsteinby Anniel   4/25/14
Can we really know what genius is?  •  In the late 1970’s, Popular Science ran an article about The Next Decade’s Up-and-Coming Young Scientists, or something of that nature. More » • (2874 views)

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Movie Review: The Family

TheFamilyby Brad Nelson   4/25/14
Politics is easy. Movies are hard. I find doing movie reviews to be fun because of the challenge of putting into words why you like or dislike something. And it just gets tiring calling Obama and his friends “assholes,” which they are. More » • (1023 views)

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