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Morse Code

YoungMorseby Brad Nelson   3/31/14
John Thaw starred as British detective Inspector Morse for twelve seasons, from 1987 to 2000. Morse is an intense, thorough, no-nonsense, but mild-mannered inspector who, according to the summary at, has “an ear for music, a taste for beer and a nose for crime.” More » • (1912 views)

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Can You Hear It? (A Call to Action)

by Glenn Fairman   3/31/14

For a while it could not be heard or felt, but eventually it began singing through the wires of our unspoken collective desire—-a reemergence of a mature patriotic ardor–a welling up of love for resurgent liberties focused against the backdrop of tangible expectations that noble principles had not indeed perished. More » • (2090 views)

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Nakedness and Necessity

goldringby Glenn Fairman   3/30/14
Until we stand naked before the Living God, we shall not have assumed the proper perspective for building the foundations of an everlasting relationship. It ultimately comes down to a question of how vividly and honestly we perceive our need in Him. God is bound by no necessity. More » • (2106 views)

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Top Ten Things Putin Said to Obama about Ukraine

by Selwyn Duke   3/29/14

While Barack Obama’s recent telephone conversation with Russian president Vladimir Putin about the Crimean standoff has been widely reported, the exact substance of the discussion has remained a mystery. More » • (1289 views)

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One Second After

EMPby Jon N. Hall    3/28/14
Back in July, I wrote an article that examined the post-apocalyptic genre in fiction and in film. In that piece, I committed (at least) one sin in that I mentioned a book that I had not read. Having just corrected that failing, I’m here to tell you that everyone in America should read William R. Forstchen’s novel One Second After. More » • (1980 views)

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The Existential Man

ExistentialManby Glenn Fairman   3/28/14
If one were to catalogue the man-made horrors of the twentieth century, then those bastard sons of the secularized state: Nazism, Fascism, and Socialist Collectivism would surely top the list. More » • (2307 views)

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Darwin’s Damage

Darwinby Deana Chadwell    3/28/14
Deep in the back rooms of our brains lurk the basal assumptions that we all function on – operating systems of sorts that set the parameters of our philosophies, our politics, our religious beliefs. More » • (2789 views)

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Follow the Money

FollowTheMoneyby Leigh Bravo   3/27/14
Have you ever wondered how much money our elected officials make? Have you ever wondered why there are so many millionaires in our government? Were they all wealthy when they took office, or did they gain their wealth after being elected to office? Why do so many Politicians make a career out of remaining in office? More » • (1394 views)

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Finally, a Man Worth Killing

KingArthurby Jon N. Hall    3/26/14
NOTE: The following movie review, my first attempt at one, appeared on Sep. 4, 2006 at a long-defunct vanity website called DissectingPopCulture. I trot it out again because the movie is currently running on cable on both Encore (March 29) and Starz (April 1), so fire up your DVRs. More » • (9173 views)

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The Succession of the Hairy Men

by Robert Graves (from I, Claudius)   1934

A hundred years of the Punic Curse
And Rome will be slave to a hairy man,
A hairy man that is scant of hair,
Every man’s woman and each woman’s man. More » • (6283 views)

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Pursue What Persists, and Enjoy the Ephemeral

Lettersby John Kirke  3/26/14
Author’s Note:  The following essay is the first in what I hope to be an ongoing series of open letters to my children.  •  Kids: I’m writing to you, undoubtedly years before you will actually read this, because I’ve discovered that one of my deepest desires is to communicate, to express things I cannot keep to myself, especially to those I love. More » • (2453 views)

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The True Believer and The Ordeal of Change by Eric Hoffer

EricHofferby Steve Lancaster    3/26/14
As a group, Americans are not the type to join mass movements, at least not for long. We are an opinionated people and do not take well to conformity. However, in the last fifteen years or so, there are significant changes to the psyche on both sides of the political spectrum. More » • (5923 views)

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