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A New Year’s Meditation

NewYearby Glenn Fairman   12/31/13
Perched over the precipice separating one year from the next, I am tempted to shout out a cry of relief, considering what tragedies have occurred under 2013’s doleful watch. Indeed, death and dismay have attended my door. More » • (1378 views)

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Is “Gay” Really the Same, Just Different?

by Brad Nelson   12/31/13

Mr. Kung had turned me on to an excellent article at an excellent web site (Taki’s Magazine). It’s a thoughtful article, somewhat pro and con, by Elizabeth McCaw: The Straight Dope on Homosexuality. More » • (3431 views)

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Surrendering Freedom From Fear

by Glenn Fairman   12/30/13

When Men legislate from the pale light of their lowest propensities, when politicians are swept into presumptuousness by waves of passion rather than considered judgments, when for the sake of expedience liberties are slain in their beds because a society can no longer bear the prickly manifestations of their ordered freedoms, the Death Knell has tolled for a once mighty republic. More » • (622 views)

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A New Catholic Heresy

Babylonianby Robert Klein Engler   12/30/13
On August 13, 2013 the Guardian reported that astronomers had witnessed the birth of a new star. “Images of the birth of a star around 1,400 light years away from Earth is captured by scientists at the European Southern Observatory, (in) Chile.” More » • (1567 views)

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On Social Issues, Neal Boortz is Lost

NealBoortzby Trevor Thomas   12/30/13
While substituting for Sean Hannity recently, Neal Boortz went into another of his “libertarian” rants against “social” conservatives. More » • (2263 views)

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Go Tell It On The Mountain

Pentatonixby Deana Chadwell    12/29/13
This year, as our family celebrated Christmas, our background music featured the new hit a cappella group Pentatonix. My granddaughters entertained us by lip-synching to Little Drummer Boy and Go Tell it on the Mountain – a rendition that made the most of the song’s African American origins. More » • (1648 views)

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The “G”-Men (1935)

GMenThumbby Brad Nelson   12/29/13
This time Jimmy Cagney is on the right side of the law in this film about the early days of the FBI. The days are indeed early; the “G”-men don’t even carry guns. They’re just getting organized in the fight against crime where crossing state lines has been the criminal’s best friend. More » • (2227 views)

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Book Excerpt: Maybe He’s Not Gay

MaybeNotGayThumbby Linda Harvey   12/29/13
Excerpt from Chapter 1 of Maybe He’s Not Gay, a new book by Linda Harvey: More » • (1250 views)

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New Book: Maybe He’s Not Gay

by Linda Harvey   12/29/13

“I’m gay.” As more and more young people announce this is their identity, it’s time to take a closer look. It’s a profound declaration, a new civil right (they are told) and it’s “who you are.” But there’s a problem. Are we sure this is the truth? More » • (674 views)

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Ghost Children of Gaza

by Glenn Fairman   12/29/13

How hypocritical it is to cry crocodile tears for dead women and children when those same innocents have been paraded about in martial glory advocating the death of the “Zionist Entity.” More » • (688 views)

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Suicide Countdown

by Glenn Fairman   12/29/13

The Left, in its slow-motion suicide to unravel the fabric from which the West’s patrimony is spun, will make common cause with any enemy, imbibe any poison, fabricate and believe every falsehood so as not to face the fiery blast of its own ideological exhaustion. More » • (658 views)

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The City of Human Reason

by Glenn Fairman   12/29/13

When we haphazardly begin tinkering with the complexities of civilization with a view to nominal equality, when piece by piece we conspire to re-order the very character of the edifice More » • (649 views)

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