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Momlessness and Dadlessness as a Way of Life

SameSexThumbby Linda Harvey
Former attorney general of Ohio Jim Petro and his wife have jumped on the “gay marriage” bandwagon because their daughter Corbin got hitched, so the fantasy goes, to another woman in Massachusetts. More » • (1599 views)

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The Food Stamp Gospel

FoodStampsThumbby Mark Tooley
(The following article originally appeared in the American Spectator and is re-printed with permission.) According to some church officials, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has launched an attack on the poor by “cutting” $40 billion from food stamps. More » • (1513 views)

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Book Review: The Far Cry by Fredric Brown

FarCryThumbby Timothy Lane
Brown’s mysteries could be rather gritty at times, and this one is no exception. It starts when a young woman named Jenny faces death in the form of a man coming after her with a knife. She opens the door behind her and starts to run . . . and there the prologue ends, to be followed by events 8 years later. More » • (1433 views)

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Movie Review: Shi mian mai fu [House of the Flying Daggers]

HouseOfFlyingDaggersThumbby Brad Nelson
2005 Oscars: Nominated for “Best Achievement in Cinematography.” Apparently it didn’t win which shows you how utterly worthless the opinion of the Academy is. And I mean utterly worthless. More » • (1931 views)

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The Art of Subversion: Screwtape Discourses on America

ScrewtapeThumbby Glenn Fairman
(With all apologies to C.S. Lewis)
To Those Brave Souls: The Progressive Vanguard! More » • (1317 views)

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Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

IntoDarknessThumbby Kung Fu Zu
I was recently on a lengthy flight with time to kill. After running through the songs on my MP3, and still unable to sleep, I decided to check what movies were on demand and decided to view the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise. More » • (1906 views)

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Dancing to the Wayward Prophecy

Israelis of Ethiopian Origin Protest Racism in Kiryat Malakhiby Glenn Fairman
Some time back while surfing the Internet, the following article concerning the Florida Board of Education came to my attention from the Palm Beach Post: More » • (1044 views)

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A Plea for Disunity and Incivility

KirkKhanThumbby N. A. Halkides
Every now and then we hear a politician plead for “unity.” Sometimes this is standard boilerplate, meaningless cant, like “We must come together to address our nation’s problems” or “Only through unity can our nation solve Problem X.” More » • (1877 views)

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Narnia: Unplugged

NarniaSeriesby Brad Nelson
One of the best, if not the best, series of fantasy/sci-fi books that I’ve read is C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series. If you haven’t read them, do so for this is very fun experience and is easily better than the Harry Potter series because the stories are more varied and not so bloody long. More » • (2412 views)

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Movie Review: Tristan and Isolde (2006)

TristanThumbby Brad Nelson
This is one of my brother’s finds. I would never have picked it up myself. Looks too chick flick just going by the cover. And I just got done reaming James Franco for his lightweight performance in The Great Raid. I mean, the man is pretty. I’ll grant that. But I’ve never seen him act. Until now. More » • (1242 views)

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Movie Review: Hot Fuzz

HotFuzzThumbby Brad Nelson
There’s no way to describe “Hot Fuzz.” It’s beyond my powers. And neither can I really recommend it. And I say that because it’s bound to be too quirky for most people’s tastes. But all the same, I think you’d be disappointed if you didn’t see it. More » • (948 views)

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Some Reflections on the Bible

BibleThumbby Timothy Lane
Kevin Williamson’s recent article on Genesis and evolution inspired a number of responses from me, but I wanted to go into this subject with more detail. The problem he cites comes from reading the Bible literally and treating it as inerrant. More » • (12346 views)

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