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Steynmied by NRO

NR-RINOlogo2by RobL
Facts are a stubborn thing my friends and I’ll offer you a new one for today. National Review used to be a conservative institution. More » • (4739 views)

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Please Donate Today: FRAXA Research Foundation

FRAXA logoWE ask for no money in running this site. We don’t take contributions. It’s a labor of love. But I want to do my best Jerry Lewis impersonation… More » • (2162 views)

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Movie Review: The Last Airbender

LastAirbenderThumbby Brad Nelson
I watched The Last Airbender fairly recently. It went against all my Spider-senses to do so. But a friend thought that I might like it. And, granted, it is a visual feast. More » • (813 views)

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What CBS Local Won’t Let You Say

SexEdThumbby RobL
A daily scan of Drudge Report provides access to news stories across the land not otherwise easily located. This story caught my eye: CPS Mandates Sexual, Health Education For Kindergarten. More » • (921 views)

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Movie Review: The Last Picture Show

LastPictureShowThumbby Brad Nelson
The buzz on this that I’ve read is that this movie helped usher in the era of “realism.” I’m going to place an asterisk on that notion because “realism” too often means, in today’s postmodern parlance, simply showing America and Americans in as poor a light as possible. More » • (825 views)

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Book Review: “Garden of Beasts” by Jeffery Deaver

GardenOfBeastsThumbby Brad Nelson
I don’t normally read spy thrillers, but a conservative friend recommended Garden of Beasts to me. But I’d say it’s equal parts spy thriller and historical novel. The books recommended  for further reading at the end is huge. More » • (946 views)

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Movie Review: Where the Sidewalk Ends

SidewalkEndsThumbby Brad Nelson
A truly classic bit of film noir, this one directed by the renowned Mr. Freeze, Otto Preminger. (Anatomy of a Murder and In Harm’s Way are among his great films. Laura and Angel Face are a couple I need to watch sometime.) More » • (871 views)

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Atheistic Fundamentalists

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu8/28/13
The one thing which stands out about such radical atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, et al, is their complete lack of humility. More » • (3682 views)

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Movie Review: The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)

PelhamThumbby Brad Nelson
A magnificent dark comedy masquerading as a heist film. Were the Coen Brothers making films in the 70’s? No movie fan, let alone Walter Matthau fan, should miss this. More » • (822 views)

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Movie Review: Picnic (1955)

PicnicThumbby Brad Nelson
I watched a wonderful movie last night that I’m sure half of America will dislike. My only defense is that I’ve got a pretty healthy Kim Novak obsession going right now and I love my country. More » • (1516 views)

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Book Review: “Albion’s Seed” by David Hackett Fischer

AlbionsSeedThumb2by Brad Nelson
As one review at put it, “Albion’s Seed is seminal in understanding the USA.” Well…kinda-sorta. More » • (8207 views)

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Syria: The Price of Politics

PoliticsThumbSmby RobL
An excellent review of the current predicament the President finds himself in. George Friedman at Stratfor consistent provides excellent thoughtful non-partisan analyses of current strategic issues. More » • (885 views)

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