Movie Review: Radio

by Kung Fu Zu  •  A movie that works on all frequencies

Movie Review: Radio Movie Review: Radio

Review: Star Trek — The Naked Time

by N. A. Halkides  •  Sometimes a Little Repression is for the Best

Review: Star Trek — The Naked Time Review: Star Trek — The Naked Time

The Education of Captain America

by Glenn Fairman  •  Is Cap Still Relevant to Today?

The Education of Captain America The Education of Captain America

Lessons Learned from a Baby

by Deana Chadwell  •  In memory of Conner and others like him

Lessons Learned from a Baby Lessons Learned from a Baby

Defending Sarah Palin

PalinAndFlagby Anniel   4/16/14
“Mommy, I’m boring” — three-year-old  •  For the past eleven years Chicago has become almost a second home to me and several members of our family. Our youngest daughter suffers from a rare neurological disorder and her needs, we feel, can only be met by a wonderful neurosurgeon there. More » • (28 views)

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The End of the World and Other Entertainments

EndOfTheWorldby Jon N. Hall    4/16/14
Folks have always been fascinated by the End of the World. Christianity addresses this little problem in Book of Revelation, where we read about the Beast of the Apocalypse, the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, the Whore of Babylon, the Seven Seals, and such. More » • (23 views)

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University Wants Fewer Whites — Fears “Mediocrity”

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke   4/16/14
If you thought the “educator” who saw “racist” intent behind offering someone a peanut-butter sandwich was a loon, consider Western Washington University (WWU) president Bruce Shepard. More » • (29 views)

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Book Review: Empires of Light

EmpiresOfLightby Brad Nelson   4/15/14
This is a rare book that combines history and technology in a very readable form. And consider this part of your course study for understanding and appreciating the fruits of Western Civilization. The power behind your iPad was not something dreamed up in the Sudan. More » • (41 views)

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Book Review: The Road to Damascus

RoadTDamascusby Timothy Lane   4/14/14
by John Ringo and Linda Evans  •  I reviewed this book when it came out in paperback nearly a decade ago, titling the review “I eat peasants for breakfast” (which I got from an episode of The Wild, Wild West). More » • (41 views)

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At the Core – Human Nature vs. the Test

CommonCoreby Deana Chadwell    4/13/14
Common Core – the phrase sets off a mental picture of a multitude of hungry mouths all trying to nibble off of a shriveled apple, nothing much left but cellulose and seeds. Unfortunately, that’s an apt description. More » • (76 views)

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Movie Review: Wolf of Wall Street

WolfWallStby Brad Nelson   4/13/14
Allow me to save you three hours of your life. I have to believe this is a valuable service I’m performing, for I must try myself to get back those three hours spent watching The Wolf of Wall Street, the latest (and by no means greatest) Martin Scorsese film. More » • (64 views)

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Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto

DontHurtPeopleby Steve Lancaster    4/12/14
MATT KIBBE is the president and CEO of FreedomWorks, a national grassroots organization that serves citizens in their fight for more individual freedom and less government control. More » • (262 views)

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Lessons Learned from a Baby

LessonsLearnedby Deana Chadwell    4/12/14
Twelve years ago our third grandson was born and then, 18 days later, died. It was not a shock that Conner left so soon; we had known for several months that he was beyond fragile, but what we didn’t know is all that he would teach us in such a short time. More » • (119 views)

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The Education of Captain America

Cappicby Glenn Fairman   4/11/14
It is first important to note that the film, Captain America: the Winter Soldier, which opened up recently to rave reviews, owes its pedigree to an older branch of what is now termed as the Marvel Universe. More » • (107 views)

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Review: Star Trek — The Naked Time

StarTrekBadgeby N. A. Halkides   4/11/14
When I got my first VHS recorder in 1985, one of the things I did with it was start a project to record all the episodes from the first season of Star Trek and examine them critically.  I remembered the first season was when the series had been at its height artistically More » • (132 views)

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Movie Review: Rush

Rushby Brad Nelson   4/9/14
Formula 1 racing has always been a bit of a bloodsport. It is common to say, derogatorily, that people go to NASCAR races for the crashes. And that may be true, in part. The crashes and wrecks are an exiting part of the sport…and mostly a quite harmless part of the sport. More » • (86 views)

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Sticks and Stones: The New Tools of our Government!

SticksStonesby Leigh Bravo   4/9/14
Sticks and stones can break you bones, and our leaders love to throw them!  •  What if a request for tolerance suddenly becomes an outright statement of intolerance? Can people of one view demand to be heard while shutting down and demonizing the opinions of those who disagree? More » • (89 views)

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A Serial Knifing

knifeby Glenn Fairman   4/9/14
When commenting on freshly-minted current events such as the Pennsylvania high school “Knife Massacre,” it’s probably prudent to tread lightly, since blood and passion are a volatile mix and any attempt at exposing the philosophical nakedness of others More » • (98 views)

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Movie Review: Radio

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu   4/6/14
Radio is a 2003 film about how the loving kindness of one individual can create a wonderful new world for another. Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the title character, Radio, a mentally handicapped young black man who wanders the streets of a late 1960’s or early 1970’s South Carolina town with an old grocery cart containing his various belongings. More » • (225 views)

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