Little Girls and Old Ladies

by Kung Fu Zu  •  Please pass the Salzburg

Little Girls and Old Ladies Little Girls and Old Ladies

A Review of the Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

by N. A. Halkides  •  Sorting the RINOs from the conservatives

A Review of the Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates A Review of the Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Pete is Best

by James Deaton  •  What might have been...and what was

Pete is Best Pete is Best

The Mad Hatter’s Lament

by Deana Chadwell  •  The entire world is falling to ruins and poor Cheshire's off his tea.

The Mad Hatter’s Lament The Mad Hatter’s Lament

My Early Elocution Exercise

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu3/2/15
Like many other three year olds, I had trouble pronouncing some of the words I commonly used. One such word sticks in my mind for reasons which will become apparent. That word was “sandwich,” which I pronounced as something between “sanfitch and samfitch.” More » • (22 views)

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Mr. Spock (1964–2013)

Spockby Brad Nelson   3/2/15
Condolences to the Nimoy family and friends. But in this day of celebrity-reality, it would be foolish for me to pretend I knew the least bit about Leonard Nimoy, the person. For better or for worse, what was real to most of us was the character he played on Star Trek More » • (34 views)

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The Ten Commandments — #4

TenCommandmentsA StubbornThings Symposium   3/1/15
Introduction  •  When the great veil is snatched away, and all depths are sounded by the Great King who judges true, I should like to know which tribe and epoch produced the most virtuous men. It is certainly not a title that our own age could rightly claim. More » • (102 views)

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Turning the Tables on the Media

NoRINOsThumbby Tim Jones3/1/15
The Republicans have a serious messaging problem. Either they are totally clueless when it comes to public relations or they’re just “Democrat Lites” as they’ve been described over the years. More » • (45 views)

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Book Review: Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels

EvoAchillesHeelsby Anniel2/19/15
Latest: Part 4: The Origin of Life  •  9 PhD scientists explain evolution’s fatal flaws – in areas claimed to be its greatest strengths. Edited by Robert Carter, PhD. Creation Ministries International (US) Also available on Kindle. More » • (677 views)

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Obama’s Little Shop of Horrors

LittleShopHorrorsby Leigh Bravo2/27/15
“Feed me! Feed me now!! Feed me all night long! If you feed me, I can grow up big and strong.” These are lines spoken by Audrey II, in the movie, “Little Shop of Horrors.” The plant that grows bigger every time he eats and is never quite satisfied. More » • (85 views)

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The March 4 Hearing on ObamaCare at SCOTUS

ObamaCareby Jon N. Hall    2/25/15
On March 4, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in King v. Burwell. On Fox News recently, George Will opined that King is the most important case the Court will hear this year. More » • (79 views)

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Republican Elected Officials Should Emulate Governor Scott Walker

ScottWalkerby Patricia L. Dickson2/25/15
I am glad to finally hear a conservative that knows how to handle liberal so-called journalists when asked stupid gotcha questions. When Governor Scott Walker was asked if he thought President Obama is a Christian, he responded with a logical common sense answer: More » • (60 views)

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When Is Enough Enough?

ObamaFingerThumbby Leigh Bravo2/24/15
The President of the United States is now claiming that in order to win the fight over terrorism we must sit down and actually address their grievances? Maybe if we find terrorists jobs they will stop killing? More » • (84 views)

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How to Win the Christian Baker/Same-Sex “Wedding” Cake Debate

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke2/23/15
A homosexual couple goes into a known Christian bakery and asks for a wedding cake for a same-sex “marriage,” is refused and then files a government complaint or sues. “Intolerance! Bigotry! Equal access!” is the cry. More » • (83 views)

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Movie Review: Whiplash

Whiplash_posterby Tim Jones2/22/15
When hurting feelings are part of the course curriculum  •  With the Academy Awards being televised tonight, I thought I would try to get out and see Whiplash, one that has been nominated in five categories More » • (106 views)

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Against Flesh and Blood

AgainstFleshby Deana Chadwell2/19/15
Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.   Eph. 6:12 More » • (253 views)

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Why Not One Governor is Qualified to be President

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke2/19/15
Our Constitution has become a suicide pact. That’s the view of Thomas Jefferson, expressed in an 1819 letter to jurist Spencer Roane, when he said “If this opinion be sound, then indeed is our constitution a complete felo de se (suicide pact). More » • (122 views)

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Friday 13th and Superstition

FridayaThe13thby Jerry Richardson2/18/15
Does bad luck come in threes?  This year, 2015, there are 3 Friday 13ths; February 13, 2015, March 13, 2015, and November 13, 2015.  What has caused Friday 13th to be viewed as an unlucky day? More » • (122 views)

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A Denmark That Once Was

FlagDenmarkby Anniel2/17/15
On April 9, 1940 the Germans invaded Denmark in an almost bloodless takeover of the country. King Christian X had no choice but to surrender since the country had no military forces or armaments large enough to stand against the Nazi troops. More » • (200 views)

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