Little Girls and Old Ladies

by Kung Fu Zu  •  Please pass the Salzburg

Little Girls and Old Ladies Little Girls and Old Ladies

A Review of the Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

by N. A. Halkides  •  Sorting the RINOs from the conservatives

A Review of the Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates A Review of the Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Pete is Best

by James Deaton  •  What might have been...and what was

Pete is Best Pete is Best

The Mad Hatter’s Lament

by Deana Chadwell  •  The entire world is falling to ruins and poor Cheshire's off his tea.

The Mad Hatter’s Lament The Mad Hatter’s Lament

Love of Nature

TreeHugger2by Jerry Richardson4/26/15
Environmentalists seem to think they have a monopoly on love of nature. They don’t. Anyone who has grown-up, as I did, on a farm, surrounded by nature, loves and appreciates and understands, but doesn’t WORSHIP nature. More » • (55 views)

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Clintons Selling Out America

BillAndHillaryby Tim Jones4/26/15
Between Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich and the New York Times story “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal” it looks like the curtain behind the Clinton machine More » • (24 views)

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Grapes of Wrath, Route 66, and a Big Steak

Route66by Jerry Richardson4/23/15
The year I was born, 1939, John Steinbeck in his novel Grapes of Wrath gave the nickname The Mother Road to what was then officially Route 66. More » • (163 views)

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Spineless Leaders Have Infiltrated The Military

PinkPumpsby Patricia L. Dickson4/23/15
Liberalism has succeeded in infiltrating US military, America’s last bastion of discipline, honor and respect. Liberals have succeeded in destroying the family, education, the economy and just about everything they set their sights on. More » • (149 views)

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kluane_lakeby Anniel4/21/15
A Haunting Shadow From the Past.  •  In the Spring of 1965 I decided to leave Alaska in order to satisfy my wanderlust and possibly find a new home. Two of my school teacher friends, Pauline and Sharon, had already decided to go on vacation as soon as school ended. More » • (159 views)

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Movie Review: You Can Count on Me

CountOnMeby Tim Jones4/21/15
I recently watched again another one of my all-time favorite movies, You Can Count on Me, an independent film released in 2000. I remember it was the first time seeing Mark Ruffalo and being blown away by his great performance. More » • (71 views)

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Delusion and Evil – Dancing with Two Devils

Delusionby Deana Chadwell4/21/15
The book of Job begins with a scene in the throne room of God. Angelic choirs come to sing; God sits on His throne, Lucifer saunters in. I picture him dressed like an Elizabethan courtier, leaning against a pillar, smoking a cigarette that’s hanging from the corner of his mouth. More » • (285 views)

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What Does History Tell Us About Slavery and Racism?

SlaveryChains2by Leigh Bravo4/20/15
Which political party really supported slavery and continue to further the cause of racism?  Most people will immediately point their finger at Republicans and Conservatives. More » • (86 views)

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Quantitative Easing with a Chinese Face

yuan_20_f2by Cato   4/20/15
There’s no lack of invention in finance.  In fact, while accounting is a library’s worth of rules for writing down what happened yesterday, finance is by definition an exercise in creating what will happen tomorrow. More » • (45 views)

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Black Atlanta Educators Cheated Kids Out of an Education

BookEducationby Patricia L. Dickson4/19/15
When the news of the Atlanta Public School System cheating scandal was first reported in 2009, I hoped that the investigation would find that such a heinous crime against children would not turn out to be true. More » • (52 views)

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Nature, Red in Tooth and Fluffy Tails

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu4/17/15
“I am sitting at my desk watching a pair of blue jays build a nest in the tree which grows outside my window. The sky is overcast and I can hear heavy thunder in the distance. I ask myself, why would the Creator of this universe need me to worship him? More » • (153 views)

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Without Trust Everything Goes Downhill

ObamaUntrustworthyby Jerry Richardson4/17/15
How does any organization operate without trust?  Answer: Badly!  The latest most serious example in our nation is our US military. More » • (96 views)

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Parasitical Government: It Just Can’t Keep its Hands to Itself

parasite2by Tim Jones4/17/15
Government has evolved from protecting basic freedoms to being a parasite. When it sees something as big and powerful as the internet, it naturally wants to get its hands on it, not just to control it but maybe even more importantly to get its hands on its tax-revenue potential. More » • (67 views)

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Liars in High Places

ClintonLiarby Jon N. Hall    4/16/15
Americans are queer for liars. We just love them. If that were not so, then we wouldn’t constantly be electing the most mendacious candidates to the highest political offices. More » • (186 views)

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Free-range Kids and Chinaberry Popguns

pop-gun2by Jerry Richardson4/15/15
When I grew up 70-years ago there was no concept of a “free-range” kid because all children were by necessity and by intention “free-range.”  Parents allowed their children to roam free, within understood boundaries More » • (311 views)

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