Breakfast at Tiffany's

VideoShelf Review • Is this breakfast very nourishing?

Breakfast at Tiffany's Breakfast at Tiffany's

What We Are Really Up Against

by Kung Fu Zu  •  Power masquerading as compassion

What We Are Really Up Against What We Are Really Up Against

Of Angels and Snakes

by Deana Chadwell  •  Is Evil a Cheap Knock-off of Good?

Of Angels and Snakes Of Angels and Snakes

Sticks and Stones

by Pat Tarzwell  •  Feelings...nothing more than feelings...

Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones

Book Review: From Under the Rubble

FromUnderTheRubble by Anniel6/22/16
Latest: Part 2: Igor Shafarevich — Socialism In Our Past and Future  •  Gateway Edition, Available at Amazon. Copyright 1974. 1989 printing. Written and Edited by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and Six Others. More » • (45 views)

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Inhale Love. Exhale Hate.

InhaleLoveby Brad Nelson6/28/16
Turn down your damn radio.  •  It was hot on the Left Coast yesterday. In my part of the People’s Republic of Washington State, it was 80 degrees. I don’t know what that is in Celsius, and I don’t want to know. I have no interest in being a global citizen. More » • (128 views)

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Myths and Europeans

exodus2by Glenn Fairman6/27/16
In calling down from Heaven the first postulate of prudent government, England’s own G.K Chesterton once exhorted us that “It is hard to make government representative when it is also remote.” More » • (107 views)

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Movie Review: Fight Club

Fight_Club_2by Tim Jones6/25/16
The Unbearable Banality of Modern Living  •  Fight Club is a scathing critique of the consumerism, materialism and shallowness that is today’s America. That is the overriding theme but there are additional layers to this outstanding movie More » • (77 views)

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Delegates to Both Conventions Need to Start Over from Scratch

ClintonHugby Jon N. Hall6/25/16
One of the more revolting things in American politics is when our politicians get onstage and allow us to watch them embrace each other. Even male politicians will wrap their arms around each other and hug each other as though they were the best of friends and haven’t seen each other in twenty years. More » • (92 views)

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Escape From a Clay-Footed King

ClayFootedby Glenn Fairman6/24/16
When you finally gin up the courage to extricate the fangs of the parasite from your throat, there is bound to be some blood spilled, and the European Union has been that monster. It is a utopian construct impressed down upon the diversity of thought and action of autonomous peoples; More » • (133 views)

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The Jihadi’s Dilemma

Jihad2by Glenn Fairman6/23/16
I wonder if in the cool and quiet of the evening, long after the muezzin’s final call to prayer, the jihadi mulls over the actions he either perpetrates or gives assent to in the name of his cold and distant deity? Does he pray as I do? More » • (111 views)

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To Trump or Not To Trump

ToTrumpOrNotby Leigh Bravo6/23/16
What will happen if Hillary Clinton wins in November? There has been much speculation that we will continue to have a failing economy. More regulations. More taxes. More loss of liberty. More loss of Religious freedom. More loss of our second amendment rights. More » • (97 views)

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AR-15 Speaks!

SellwynThumbby AR-15 and Selwyn Duke6/23/16
A New — and Real — Anti-black Bigotry  •  Hi, my name is AR-15. Some of you know me, but many more of you know of me — through the media. But you may not know the real me. More » • (59 views)

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Put on the Full Armor of Man

rapegangthumbby Glenn Fairman6/23/16
In simpler and perhaps more enlightened times, every warrior defending hearth and home who had ever taken the field knew well that the battle won is first enjoined in the mind. Moreover, one does not risk life or death for a cause that did not first resonate like thunder in the deepest arena of soul. More » • (109 views)

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Five Questions

Jesus1by Deana Chadwell6/22/16
Please note that when I use the word “Christianity” I refer to essential theology as discovered through study of the Bible, not to “churchianity,” the elaborate, human construct that includes ritual, cant, legalistic rules and regulations, the accumulation of wealth, and the construction of hierarchies. More » • (154 views)

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A Funny Thing Happened On My Way Through The Pledge

WorldUpsideDownby Rosalys6/17/16
This past Monday, I attended a cook out with my husband. This annual event heralds in the summer hiatus of monthly meetings of one of the historic militia groups that he belongs to. As usual, they had a short meeting; and as usual, the meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. More » • (238 views)

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Soul Bare: Stories of Redemption

SoulBareThumbby Deana Chadwell6/16/16
Pre-ordering available now at A collection of essays, including one by DC  •  I am so excited to announce that in a month a new book will hit the shelves. Soul Bare is collection of essays written mostly by Christian women about their walk with God. More » • (67 views)

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GOP Delegates Are ‘Free’ to Choose Whomever

2016Primariesby Jon N. Hall6/16/16
May 29 on CNN, Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal confessed that he wanted Donald Trump to be “the biggest loser in presidential history,” and: More » • (131 views)

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Missing the Point on the “Transgender” Bathroom Wars

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke6/16/16
“You fundamentally can’t change sex…. Transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists,” said former “transsexual” Alan Finch in 2004. This is a truth; however, it has not stopped the advocates of an invented status from trying to change society. More » • (80 views)

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