Black Americans and the Obama Dilemma

by Patricia L. Dickson  •  Are politics no more than skin deep for many?

Black Americans and the Obama Dilemma Black Americans and the Obama Dilemma

Syllabus — Advanced Racism 401

by Deana Chadwell  •  The ABC's of modern-day racial theory.

Syllabus — Advanced Racism 401 Syllabus — Advanced Racism 401

Scott Walker on Close Inspection

by N. A. Halkides  •  Hero or just another Establishment Republican?

Scott Walker on Close Inspection Scott Walker on Close Inspection

Libertarians: the Chirping Sectaries by Russell Kirk

by Kung Fu Zu  •  Libertarian excesses are nothing new

Libertarians: the Chirping Sectaries by Russell Kirk Libertarians: the Chirping Sectaries by Russell Kirk

Restoring Constitutional Government

by Jon N. Hall  •  Real change you can believe in

Restoring Constitutional Government Restoring Constitutional Government

Free Speech and Propaganda

by Anniel  •  Whoever controls language controls society

Free Speech and Propaganda Free Speech and Propaganda

Lies: the New Truth?

by Leigh Bravo  •  Liberal hysteria as a way of life...and lies

Lies: the New Truth? Lies: the New Truth?

Rainwater and Sewage

by Glenn Fairman  •  It's high past time that we flushed this regime

Rainwater and Sewage Rainwater and Sewage

Israel’s Perplexity: Scipio or Samson?

samsonby Glenn Fairman  7/21/14
Though Arab and Jew are by lineage the rival sons of Abraham, any connection binding their brotherhood seems to have evaporated long ago in the arid climes of a region that gave birth to monotheism by way of the crucible of environment More » • (22 views)

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Truth Telling and the Abuse of Language

Languageby Deana Chadwell    7/21/14
I suspect that there’s a certain amount of thought that can rattle around in a human head without the assistance of language – a certain amount of spatial reasoning, perhaps, a baby’s silent attempt to stack his blocks—something is going on in there. More » • (35 views)

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Why I No Longer Watch NCIS

NCISby David Ray  7/21/14
I was a huge fan of NCIS once. I recognized David McCullum and became intrigued seeing The Man from U.N.C.L.E. dude. From here we explore the political component of my once favorite show. More » • (31 views)

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The Ten Commandments — #8

TenCommandmentsA StubbornThings Symposium   7/17/14
Introduction  •  The idea of moral absolutes is a scary notion in this non-judgmental, moral relativist age. “Moral absolutism” fills one’s head with visions of Salem witch trials and thumb screws. And this is the vision that those on the Left with their anti-Christian campaigns have hoped to evoke. More » • (179 views)

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How to Educate the Ignorant Masses

BookEducationA StubbornThings Symposium   7/14/14
Introduction  •  Generally speaking, it’s considered rude to call anyone “ignorant.” But ignorance is simply the condition of being not informed. It is the normal state of our birth unless and until we are fed good information. More » • (192 views)

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No Regrets

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu  7/20/14
As people grow older, it is not uncommon to hear them reminisce about their lives. During such reflections, one of the most common remarks I have heard goes something like this, “I don’t regret anything. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.” More » • (28 views)

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Black Christians and the Myth of Prosperity Preaching

TheCrossby Patricia L. Dickson   7/20/14
With the in-your-face display of greed and arrogance of the so-called pastors on the reality show Preachers of L.A., I began to wonder: when will black Christians wake up and say enough is enough? More » • (73 views)

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The Obama Doctrine

ObamaCreedby Jerry Richardson   7/20/14
This is a follow-up to my earlier article on The Obama Creed.  •  In this article, I contrast President Ronald Reagan’s and President Barack Obama’s government-operational doctrine. More » • (28 views)

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The Obama Creed

ObamaCreedby Jerry Richardson   7/20/14
There is a very appropriate Obama Creed, written by Michael Nadler, and posted on America Thinker (July 18, 2014). However, with due respect to Michael Nadler’s timely article, I think the creed needs a bit of an update.  Here’s how I think it should read: More » • (27 views)

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Viva USA!

IllegalImmigrationThumbby Anniel   7/19/14
I have decided to extend my heretofore silent boycott of Mexico and invite you, my fellow citizens, to join me in a general country-wide boycott of all things Mexican. More » • (45 views)

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Illegal Aliens and Crusade 4.75

Crusadesby Deana Chadwell    7/19/14
When news about the crisis at the Mexican border began leaking into the media my first thoughts flew to the Children’s Crusade. This crusade fits on the timeline between the Albigensian Crusade More » • (40 views)

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Cable Series Review: Lilyhammer

Lilyhammerby Brad Nelson   7/18/14
My guilty pleasure of late in terms of a TV series is the Netlix original, Lilyhammer. It stars Steven van Zandt as Frank Tagliano, an Italian-American ex-mobster who has since joined the witness protection program. The program has placed him incognito in Lillehammer, Norway More » • (31 views)

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Progressives’ Redefinitions and Newton’s Third Law

Scrabbleby Jerry Richardson   7/17/14
Words are the fundamental vessels for human ideas. Progressives have no fresh political ideas—and they haven’t had any that even appear fresh since the days of Herbert Hoover and FDR—so they often resort to the parasitic tactic of redefinition of legitimate terminology. More » • (69 views)

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Teaching for Generations

EducationThumbby Anniel   7/16/14
Remember a time in America when classroom educators freely discussed the bible and the biblical tradition? The great literary corpus of all western civilization is so much nonsense without the knowledge and tradition the bible provides. More » • (114 views)

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Obama’s House of Cards

HouseOfCards(US)by Leigh Bravo   7/15/14
Are you a fan of the Netflix Show, House of Cards? I began watching the show last year. Because of my interest in Politics, the show drew me in from the start. While you are watching, you can truly imagine the reality this must represent on the Hill. More » • (75 views)

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