Little Girls and Old Ladies

by Kung Fu Zu  •  Please pass the Salzburg

Little Girls and Old Ladies Little Girls and Old Ladies

A Review of the Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

by N. A. Halkides  •  Sorting the RINOs from the conservatives

A Review of the Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates A Review of the Likely 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Pete is Best

by James Deaton  •  What might have been...and what was

Pete is Best Pete is Best

The Mad Hatter’s Lament

by Deana Chadwell  •  The entire world is falling to ruins and poor Cheshire's off his tea.

The Mad Hatter’s Lament The Mad Hatter’s Lament

Immigration: The Refugee Scam

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke8/27/15
Jeb Bush has called illegal migration “an act of love.” And all over the West we see nations being loved to death, with endless human waves from Third World countries washing ashore. The results were predictable and are now plain: balkanization, riots, ethnic and racial strife and no-go areas in European lands. More » • (18 views)

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Recalling Eric Hoffer’s Wisdom

EricHofferby FJ Rocca8/26/15
Last May 21st marked the 32nd anniversary of the death of American philosophic icon, Eric Hoffer. Although his biography is somewhat murky, there are facts of which we can be certain. Eric Hoffer was a self-educated, deeply sentient observer of not only the American civilization but of mankind in general. More » • (36 views)

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Mercy Killing One Fifth of the American People

Abortion3by FJ Rocca8/25/15
Since Roe v. Wade took effect in 1973, almost 56 million abortions have been performed. The US population, at present, is approximately 319 million. In four decades, approximately one-fifth of the American population has been legally exterminated. The excuses given for abortion vary. More » • (42 views)

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Not Your Father’s 14th Amendment

AnchorBabyby Jon N. Hall8/24/15
On August 19, two excellent, must-read articles ran on the Net that are sorely needed correctives to a common misunderstanding about the 14th Amendment. Unfortunately, this mistake is even made by certain legal professionals who should know better. More » • (100 views)

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Waiting to Bloom

BloomingFlowerby Anniel8/24/15
I’m still fascinated by those beautiful Late Bloomers, so I set out to find “Johnny”, and what had become of him. (STIn Praise of Late Bloomers,” 8/15/15). It was an interesting search, reconnecting me with several far-flung acquaintances More » • (29 views)

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Will The Church Let The World Go To Hell?

TheCrossby Patricia L. Dickson8/23/15
America has witnessed our Supreme Court make same-sex marriage the law of the land with a 5-4 decision that changed the definition of marriage. After the decision was announced, one would think that churches all over America would have been protesting and marching in the streets. More » • (93 views)

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The Ten Commandments — #1

TenCommandmentsA StubbornThings Symposium8/21/15
The Grand Finale  •  For the last year and a half we have been discussing, one at a time, the commandments Moses brought down from Mount Sinai just after the Jews escaped from Egypt, the ones God Himself scribed on two tablets of stone. More » • (224 views)

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Movie Review: The Tea House of the August Moon

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu8/21/15
Are you down, feeling blue? Is all the world arrayed against you, can you do nothing right, does no one understand you? Then, may I suggest you watch this magical film. In two hours the world will be a much brighter place. More » • (79 views)

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Hobbitonby Brad Nelson8/20/15
Everyone wants to be a Hobbit. No one wants to be a Ranger  •  Conservatives don’t tend to be the touch-feely, artsy-fartsy types. They tend to be serious people (but with a healthy sense of humor). They are more likely to own a gun than a water pipe. More » • (80 views)

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Classiness is Nice, but Not Essential in a President

PresidentialSealby FJ Rocca8/20/15
We live in a dangerous world. It seems to me it was a lot less dangerous during the Cold War, when the probability of nuclear war was in inverse ration to the possibility. The greater the weaponry, the possibility grew; but this reduced the prospect of ultimate world destruction to virtual impossibility. More » • (66 views)

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Equalizing Outcomes – Educational Tyranny

Inequalityby Anniel8/18/15
How do we change thinking on education until we understand at least some of how we got where we are? Getting rid of Common Core, the Department of Education, and unions are the first items that need to be addressed. Those items are beyond the scope of what I write here. More » • (116 views)

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Is Soccer Un-American?

Soccerby FJ Rocca8/18/15
Personally, I don’t like soccer and never have. I find it colossally boring. Any sport that is decided by one goalie kicking against another goalie is silly. Why not just eliminate most of the other play and get directly to that part? More » • (56 views)

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Trump Is The Only Candidate That Can Get The Black Vote

Trump2by Patricia L. Dickson8/17/15
After reading the words that he spoke last weekend at a campaign stop in Hampton, New Hampshire, Mr. Trump yet again proved that he intends to win and is not afraid of a good fight. From all that I have heard from him so far More » • (126 views)

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Corrupt to the Core

CommonCoreby Edward Davenport8/17/15
Bill Ayers, the unrepentant, 1960s, bomb-throwing, self-professed “small c communist” and college professor who founded an education-reform group in Chicago, which he co-chaired with Barack Obama, has long ties to terrorism and education. More » • (89 views)

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Movie Review: Straight Outta Compton

Straight-Outta-Comptonby Patricia L. Dickson8/17/15
When I first heard the movie Straight Outta Compton being advertised, I knew that I wanted to see it in order to fill in some historical blanks from the early 1990s. From late 1991 to January 1993, I was on an overseas assignment with the military. My overseas assignment was deep in the desert of Sinai Egypt. More » • (88 views)

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